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Today in our garden ... discover some revolutionary anti-aging secrets!

What if the key to longevity had eluded man since the dawn of time? Have scientists finally discovered how to reverse aging?

We invite you on a journey through time and space, to a country (whose name we will reveal to you later) where people live longer and are healthier.

If the inhabitants of this mysterious country have the greatest longevity, it is thanks to their lifestyle and especially their basic food: local fresh fruits, seaweed, tofu, tea, green leafy vegetables from gardens, fish and very little meat ...

Why do some people age more slowly than others?

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Have you ever wondered why some of us age gracefully while others don't?

Many studies show that we get older because of damaged telomeres. Telomeres not only slow down the aging process, they could reverse this process. Telomere is a powerful dietary secret!

What is a telomere you will tell us?

A telomere is the "tail" of each chromosome in our cells.

These tiny segments of your DNA are essential for a young and healthy life. Telomeres prevent chromosomes from unraveling or tangling with each other. When this happens, genetic information can be mixed up or destroyed, leading to health problems.

Worse yet, damage to your telomeres can accelerate your aging.

A study of people aged 60 to 75 found that the death rate from heart problems was 300% higher in people with small telomeres. The death rate from infectious diseases was also 800% higher.

Why are telomeres responsible for aging?

It has been found that as cell divisions progress, telomeres shorten.

Their shrinkage leads to the aging of the body because DNA is exposed to mutations and deletions leading to various pathologies.

Telomeres therefore play a protective role, and their length is one of the signs of cellular aging.

The length of your telomeres is believed to be the key to longer longevity and life expectancy.

Plus, it gives us a real idea of ​​how we could reverse the aging process with inexpensive supplements and easy-to-do treatment at home.

Do you remember the energy, vitality and dynamism that you had experienced before?

You could dance or chat with friends all night then take a shower and go to work the next day.

Imagine that you can find your body like you did when you were twenty!

We will reveal to you a secret that can make your wish come true ...

Secret number 1
The energy of youth has very little to do with your actual age.

In reality, age is just a number. There is a big difference between your biological age and your chronological age. It is your biological age that matters most.

We will explain why in the text below.

It all relates to those pesky telomeres. They are one of the main reasons we age at different rates.

The telomere is perhaps the key to longevity that has eluded humans since the dawn of time. Although we cannot prevent their shrinking, if we are smart enough we can slow this process down.

Secret number 2
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There are three ways to increase your telomere length and energy. These processes can be applied through food choices that could have a huge impact on your telomeres and your youth.

# 1. Boost micronutrients

The first step is to build a solid base of micro-nutrients.

Vitamins A, D, C, and E have all been shown to be effective in slowing the shrinkage of your telomeres.

Studies have shown that women (aged 35 to 74) who had a strong nutrient base had 5,1% longer telomeres than those who did not.

# 2. Reduce inflammation

Chronic inflammation in your body is one of the reasons you are at risk of experiencing premature aging.

A European study has shown that those with low inflammation were able to keep their telomeres at a "young" level. Their telomeres matched those of a 60-year-old even when they were 80.

Reducing inflammation would allow you to maintain good cognition, your independence and lead a healthy lifestyle.

# 3. Consume anti-oxidants

Antioxidants fight free radicals that can damage or destroy cells in our body.

Studies show that your telomeres are extremely sensitive to oxidative stress. Too much oxidation in your cells could interfere with the proper functioning of your telomeres.

This is why it is essential to consume powerful antioxidants such as medicinal mushrooms.


It is necessary to make good decisions in order to positively impact your telomeres in order to increase your life expectancy.

But let's be honest with each other… living forever isn't really what we're looking for.

Living with more energy, enthusiasm, dynamism, vitality and joy is the life we ​​all seek.

Now find out with us ...


"The land of the happy immortals"

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A place on planet Earth, where men and women live long lives in perfect health and look younger than their age!


Longevity World Awards have been won on the Japanese Islands. The last 3 men to hold the records for the oldest men on Earth were all Japanese.

Contrary to what you might think, these were not pampered men. Plus, they didn't live with the same amenities you and us do. They have worked as farmers and laborers all their lives. These men not only lived longer but they looked younger than their age.

Jiroemon Kimura retired at 65, then started working in agriculture until the age of 90. After his job as a farmer, he lived another two decades.

Timoji Tanabe lived to the age of 113. He read and noted every day with laser focus and boundless mental energy.

Jiroemon and Timoji are no exception in their country. It seems that the whole population has understood the secret to feeling younger.

Indeed, of the 100 oldest people living today, almost 30% of these are from Japan. One region of this remarkable country reigns supreme. It is called Okinawa and is often called "the land of the happy immortals" because its inhabitants seem to have overcome the process of aging.

People in this part of the world live longer than anywhere else on the planet.

They are often healthy, active, and have a youthful glow beyond their years.

Energetic great-grandparents live at home independently, tend their gardens and enjoy visits from their grandchildren.

They have a slim body of extreme flexibility; bright, clear eyes; a sharp mind; areas of interest; the kind of youthful glow we all yearn for.


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The people of Okinawa are not that different from us. They breathe the same air and drink the same water as we do. Yet, they enjoy long and healthy lives.

So what makes the difference?

Several factors contribute to their healthy longevity, including a low-calorie diet of whole foods rich in fruits and vegetables.

However, there is a dietary factor that is virtually unique to the Japanese diet.

For centuries, the Japanese have regularly consumed a variety of medicinal mushrooms. We can cite some examples like cordyceps, le shiitake, le reishi, le chaga and more…

They are known to be among the most powerful natural elements on Earth and have been an integral part of the local diet in Okinawa for centuries.

The benefits of medicinal mushrooms are well known. The Japanese and other Asian cultures have consumed them in order to strengthen their immune systems, fight against all forms of disease and inflammation.

Ultimately, their love for these powerful mushrooms resulted in longer lives filled with enthusiasm and boundless energy.

When humans consume this type of fungus, they ingest powerful nutrients recognized by the body.

The consumption of medicinal mushrooms has a long history and could play a vital role in protecting our health.

They have incredible properties to ward off bacteria and mold that might compete with them. 

It also means, that these natural wonder mushrooms can have a big impact on our immunity and longevity.

But the link with medicinal mushrooms does not end there ...

To summarize :

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Do you remember the telomeres we talked about above?

Indeed, Medicinal mushrooms help you achieve the 3 objectives to extend the length of your telomeres:

Boost micronutrients

Reduce inflammation

Consume anti-oxidants


The benefits of medicinal mushrooms seem endless.

Adding them to your diet could be the best way to reverse the aging process in your life.

Now, some researchers are taking a closer look at how these medicinal mushrooms could affect our telomeres and our lifespan.

This has spawned a whole new area of ​​research called “Functional Food Science”.


At the forefront of functional food science

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Medicinal mushrooms play an important role in this emerging area of ​​health and nutrition and could be the source of the most important breakthrough in restoring your body clock.

It is for this reason that we have decided to carefully select the medicinal mushrooms better qualities just for you.

"SECRETS OF EDEN source of knowledge" 

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