The beauty secrets of vegetable charcoal

activated vegetable charcoal facial beauty benefits

Today in our garden ... discover some beauty secrets of charcoal! 

The use of activated charcoal dates back to Antiquity. It is a natural way to detoxify and slow down aging.


What is activated charcoal?

Coal is the result of the combustion of a carbon source such as wood. The substance is "activated" by high temperatures, causing a highly absorbent material.

Its porous composition allows toxins, heavy metals and other bacteria to be trapped. Its effectiveness is undeniable. Its absorbent properties have the power to rid the skin of toxins, but also to purify and regenerate it.

It is an ideal treatment for skin subjected to stress and pollution by being in charge of eliminating in depth the impurities and toxins accumulated throughout the day. In addition, it preserves the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it effectively fights against aging. It is a treatment that is perfectly suited to tired skin.


Here are 8 reasons to add activated charcoal to your beauty routine:


  1. An all-natural ingredient

Activated charcoal is an all-natural product that will not increase the chemical load on your body. It is also less likely to cause unwanted skin and body reactions than conventional beauty products.


  1. An antibacterial and antifungal

Activated charcoal has both antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it a fantastic ally for the skin or hair.

Research has even revealed that the E. coli bacteria destroy itself on contact with activated charcoal.


  1. Unclogging pores

Activated charcoal does wonders to rid the pores of organic impurities responsible for blackheads.

It absorbs excess sebum and environmental pollutants to detoxify the skin.

After its use, the skin becomes smooth and the pores are visibly refined.


  1. An ally for oily skin


If you have oily skin, activated charcoal can be used as a face mask or cleanser. This will absorb excess sebum.

Those with oily skin can use activated charcoal as a mask or facial cleanser to help squeeze out excess oil.

For this reason, it is best to use activated charcoal once or twice a week in order to avoid excessive dryness of the skin.


  1. A natural exfoliator


The texture of charcoal constitutes a soft and natural exfoliant, having no impact on the environment. It helps remove dead skin cells from the face, while its antimicrobial properties help prevent skin infections.


  1. A dental whitener


This detoxifying powder can be used alone or with toothpaste to whiten teeth naturally and gently.

Activated charcoal whitens teeth by binding to many organic substances that stain teeth, such as coffee, red wine, nicotine, and dental plaque.

In addition, it acts on bad breath by reducing the effects of fermentation.

While activated charcoal is abrasive, it tends to be less harmless than many other products used in store-bought toothpastes. It will suffice to use it once or twice a month, taking care not to rub too hard.


  1. A natural shampoo

Charcoal helps deep clean hair, removing toxins and unpleasant odors. It is particularly useful for oily hair. It provides a real sensation of freshness and ensures impeccable cleanliness.


  1. A natural anti-dandruff

Dandruff can be caused by fungal infections and / or irritated oily skin. Activated charcoal fights both of these conditions.

However, we do not recommend its use if the condition of your dandruff or scalp is caused by dry skin.


- The little DIY natural tips from Secrets d'Eden -
Here are some recipes to make using charcoal:
Cream eye shadow or homemade eyeliner
    You will need nourishing coconut oil, soothing aloe vera gel, and activated charcoal.
    2-ingredient body scrub 
      One of the easiest beauty products to make at home.
      It consists of mixing activated charcoal with a liquid of your choice (rose water, orange blossom or herbal infusion). For very dry skin, we recommend a liquid such as olive or coconut oil.
      Black diamond detox bath
        Purify your skin from head to toe with this black bath composed of Epsom salts, sea salt, charcoal and a blend of essential oils.
        "SECRETS OF EDEN source of knowledge" 


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        The use of activated charcoal is not just limited to beauty! Discover its health benefits by clicking on the next article.


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