Smoothie & Smoothie bowls

We all know that it is important to eat fruits and vegetables for good health, but you have to eat them raw because cooking destroys not only some nutrients but also enzymes.

What is a smoothie bowl?

Very popular on Instagram, a smoothie bowl or "smoothie bowl" is simply a smoothie that you eat with a spoon, like a bowl of cereal. You can replace your breakfast (or any other meal) with a smoothie bowl.

It often contains a multitude of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and vegetable milk. They are so easy to prepare and they are ready in under 10 minutes.

In case you are not used to eating fruits and vegetables, this is a great nutritional solution for your body and mind. This will make it easier for you to enjoy a smoothie bowl than to eat all the ingredients you need to meet your daily nutritional needs.

In addition to being beautiful and colorful, smoothie bowls are delicious, fragrant and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Everyone loves them, even children!

You will never get tired of it. This is because they allow you to create any combination of nutrients with antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, minerals, and many other essential nutrients.

Do you want to give it a try and let your creativity run free?

Discover in our section a list of nutritional ingredients to make your own smoothie bowls. These highly nutritional ingredients will delight your taste buds while enhancing your smoothie bowls with vitamin colors.