Tableware - Bowl in real coconut

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From nature to your kitchen, adopt our pretty bowl made from recycled coconut shell.

By choosing natural dishes you are doing something for the planet!

Our coconut bowl and cutlery are organic. It does not contain plastics, chemicals or harmful toxins. Its manufacture was carried out entirely by hand.

Indeed, coconut shells are collected from companies that have already harvested what interested them. They are then cut, cleaned and sanded by hand. Each bowl is then finished with a varnish of virgin and organic coconut oil.

Thus, each coconut bowl is unique. It has its own shape, size, color, and imperfections which give it a natural appeal.

You can make a bowl for all your favorite dishes: smoothie, cereal, salad bowls, desserts, buddha bowl and more. The hull has of course been worked so that it can be reused.

All of our bowls vary slightly in volume, however, they have a capacity of 500-600ml or 16-20oz.


Made in by Mother Nature, our bowl is precious and deserves to be used with care.
We advise you :

- do not put boiling water inside
- not to wash it with hot water.
- do not put it in the freezer or in the microwave


- It is 100% natural - eco-friendly
- It is biodegradable and compostable
- It is ecological
- It is trendy
- It is light and pleasant to use
- It is handmade by artisan families
- It is indestructible: easy to clean and renovate

The hulls are very easy to clean with lukewarm water. After using your bowl about twenty times, we recommend that you apply a little bit of coconut oil for their shine using a soft cloth.

Materials: Real 100% natural coconut shell, biodegradable, ecological, vegan and handmade

Diameter: about 13cm-15cm in diameter

Height: about 6cm deep

Color: coconut

Weight: 100 G ~ 180 G

Certification: CE / EU