Powdered organic Shiitake mushroom - High dose 10: 1

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Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) originate from East Asia and enjoy great popularity in China, Japan and Korea.

Long considered medicinal mushrooms due to their health-promoting compounds, shiitake mushrooms have been featured in traditional oriental medicine for hundreds of years.

Despite their traditional roots, commercial production of shiitake mushrooms is now generated worldwide.


Shiitake is a powerful antioxidant rich in minerals;

The shiitake provides a large amount of bioavailable Vitamin D;

The shiitake provided zinc, selenium, copper and all vitamin B complexes such as B6, B5, B3 and B2;

The shiitake supports the deficiencies of magnesium, potassium manganese and phosphorus;

The shiitake stimulates energy and brain function;

The shiitake is an anti-viral, a powerful anti-parasitic and an anti-fungal;

The shiitake helps in particular to fight the flu, intestinal infections and digestive tract;

The shiitake strengthens the immune system: it indeed produces an overproduction of T lymphocytes and white blood cells which fight diseases such as cancer, HIV, tumors and autoimmune diseases and at the same time participate in their prevention;

The shiitake is a blood and lymph purifier;

The shiitake gently, deeply detoxifies the body and rids it of heavy metals harmful to the body; 

It strengthens cardiovascular health.


How to use powdered shiitake mushroom?

Recommended daily use is 1-2 level teaspoons per day. 

This powder goes well with fruit juice, vegetable milk or added to your favorite smoothie.

It can also be sprinkled on your dishes. In order to take full advantage of its nutritional values, it is not recommended to cook or reheat it. 

Like all superfood powders, we recommend that you listen to your body, as you may find that a lower or higher intake will work better for it.

We recommend that you start with the recommended daily amount and then gradually increase or decrease your intake if desired. 



100g of shiitake mushroom from certified organic farming in high quality powder, 100% pure without any artificial additives.

Our organic shiitake mushroom powder has a 10: 1 ratio, which means each serving is 10 times more concentrated than the shiitake found naturally. 

The powder is free from animal substances, sugar and contains no flavors, colors or preservatives. 


Storage: store in a cool, dry place - avoid light and heat.

Shelf life: 2 years

Food supplements cannot replace a balanced and varied diet.

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