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Maitake is a medicinal mushroom source of vitality and native to Asia.

Its scientific name Grifola frondosa comes from the Greek. Grifola means "the griffin" (a well-known creature from Greek mythology) and frondosa means "like the leaf".

The common name Maitake is a Japanese name meaning 'dancing mushroom'. This name comes from the fact that the people who found this mushroom were dancing for joy. Indeed it was so rare that it was exchanged for its weight in silver by Japanese herbalists.

Moreover, it was so sought after and appreciated, that its geographic locations were jealously guarded.

Since the 1980s, this mushroom has been cultivated, so it can be found all year round. The main producer of Maitake is Japan, but since the 1990s the Chinese and Americans have been producing it as well.

Maitake grows wild in North America, temperate regions of northern Japan, and Europe. In nature, it is usually harvested from summer to fall. It is very sensitive to climatic conditions and humidity.

This fungus is found more especially at the feet of the stumps of dead or aging trees, in particular oaks, elms, beeches or chestnuts. It can weigh over 45 kg, which earned it the title of "king of mushrooms".

Derived from traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine, Maitake, still called hen of the woods or tufted polypore, is an edible mushroom to which many virtues are attributed.

It is considered to be an adaptogen. By stimulating the immune system, Maitake helps your body to be more resistant to attacks from various external pathogens. Finally, it also helps fight against stress and fatigue.

For a long time, Maitake has been one of the secrets to rejuvenating naturally. It would ensure good health and prolong the longevity of those who consume it.

Numerous studies have shown its various properties and in particular its antioxidant virtues due to its ergothioneine and glutathione content.

Ergothionein is an amino acid that helps the body fight the effects of aging and defend against oxidative damage. Glutathione, on the other hand, is a natural protein that protects cells, tissues and organs against aging.

In a study published in 2017 and published in the journal Food Chemistry, Maitake contains the highest amount of glutathione (2,41 mg / g dry weight)

Maitake is widely studied in the context of metabolic syndrome because it helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood.

It helps to restore and balance the body naturally to improve your health.




Compared to other mushrooms, Maitake has shown better results in the prevention and treatment of cancer. It allows a positive effect on the overall immunity.

The Maitake regulates the level of sugar in the blood;

The Maitake helps fight cancer cells;

The Maitake regulates cholesterol levels;

The Maitake improves the immune system;

The Maitake increases fertility;

The Maitake lowers blood pressure;

The Maitake treats certain disorders related to menopause;

The Maitake combats the effects of aging.




How to use our Maitake mushroom powder?

Recommended daily use is 1 teaspoon to dissolve in approximately 250 ml of your choice (water, juice, smoothie, etc.) once or twice a day. It is best to drink your mixture at least half an hour before meals.

It is recommended to make a cure of three weeks, two or three times in the year, in particular during the changes of seasons.




Most of the time, the consumption of Maitake is well tolerated. However, rare allergic reactions have been reported.

If you are diabetic you should consult your doctor before ingesting it. Maitake can have an effect on your blood sugar. It could also lower your blood pressure. So make sure you have your doctor's advice if you have low blood pressure.

You should not ingest Maitake mushrooms within two weeks after an operation or if you have a bleeding disorder.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an autoimmune disease, consult your doctor before using it.

All the studies carried out over the past 30 years have never revealed any toxicity.




100g of Maitake mushroom extract from certified organic farming in high quality powder, 100% pure without any artificial additives.

Our Maitake powder is a 10: 1 ratio, which means each serving is 10 times more concentrated than Maitake found naturally.

The powder is free from animal substances, sugar and contains no flavors, colors or preservatives.



Storage: store in a cool, dry place - avoid light and heat.

Shelf life: 2 years

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