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The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. Indeed, it has been known to men since the dawn of time and has many incredible benefits for the health of your body.

The pomegranate is even considered a divine fruit because it is the most mentioned fruit in theological books. It was used in many ways when transported by desert caravans for its thirst-quenching juice in Egyptian mythology and art. Its benefits are also praised in the Old Testament of the bible, in the Babylonian Talmud.

The pomegranate comes from a small fruit tree of the Lythraceae family. This tree is native to Iran to the Himalayas in northern India. Its fruit has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region of Asia, Africa and Europe. After being cultivated in Spain, it is believed that pomegranates were brought to Mexico and California in the 16th century by missionaries.

Studies have shown that pomegranate contains a range of beneficial plant compounds unmatched by other foods. This tangy fruit naturally prevents and treats all diseases (from inflammation to high cholesterol or even high blood pressure to hyperglycemia).

Finally, the pomegranate contains three times more antioxidants than wine or green tea. Its delicious ruby ​​red juice has antiviral and anti-tumor properties and is said to be a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as folic acid.

Let's see how much more potent 100% pure pomegranate juice could be than a tasty fruit drink.


Pomegranate contains vitamins C, E, P, group B (B6, B12), minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, iron, silicon, phosphorus, sodium and other macro and microelements.

In addition, the pomegranate is composed of sugar (fructose, glucose), organic acids (citric, malic, succinic, tartaric, oxalic and others), volatiles, tannins and nitrogen compounds.

It contains essential amino acids, some of which are found only in meat. Therefore, experts regularly recommend including this fruit in the diet of vegetarians.

This fruit contains 11 grams of fiber, 39 grams of sugar. Pomegranate provides about 50% of your daily standard for vitamin C and about 60% of your standard for vitamin K.

You will also get a boost in fiber when you consume pomegranate. Most of us don't get enough fiber in our diet every day. Fiber helps boost satiety, improves digestive health, and may help lower blood cholesterol.

Here are some other pomegranate benefits:

Pomegranate strengthens the immune system. It prevents all kinds of colds;

The pomegranate replenishes and repairs your body. Its consumption is recommended for exhaustion, after surgery and serious illnesses;

Pomegranate supports the treatment of cancer. Experts recommend that people who have received radiation or have lived in areas with strong radiation consume pomegranates or pomegranate juice;

Pomegranate strengthens the cardiovascular system;

Pomegranate improves blood composition, hemoglobin level and blood circulation, which induces a positive effect on all organs;

Pomegranate relieves osteoarthritis. It could play a protective role by reducing inflammation of the cartilage. This protective ability has been attributed to the high antioxidant content of the juice;

Pomegranate strengthens the nervous system, helps fight stress and depression;

The pomegranate improves memory. The polyphenols found in the juice have been shown to be neuroprotective;

Pomegranate fights inflammation. Inflammation has been found to be associated with just about all health problems. Pomegranates and pomegranate juice are known to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties especially on the intestines;

Pomegranate improves vision, adaptation of the eye to darkness and protects against cataracts;

Pomegranate improves the quality of the skin. Its external use helps to remove age spots, freckles and acne;

Pomegranate is beneficial against anemia;

Pomegranate is useful for men who suffer from impotence. It contains a lot of vitamin B12 which causes better circulation of the blood, which is a necessity for the erectile function of men;

Pomegranate relieves symptoms of menopause in women thanks to estrogen, which is contained in pomegranate.

Ellagitanin is another substance, which is contained in this fruit in large amounts, can help prevent breast cancer and the growth of cancer cells.


Most of us are still wondering how to eat a pomegranate.

This is because there are a lot of fruit juices that come from easy-to-eat fruits like oranges and grapes. Unfortunately, the consumption of pomegranates is restrictive and requires great patience.

The best choice is to consume the pomegranates in the form of juice. This form eliminates all the questioning and a lot of work. In addition, the juice makes it possible to obtain the benefits of pomegranate more regularly.

A UCLA study recently ranked the top 10 healthiest juices and other drinks. And the big winner was… pomegranate juice.

This is why we allow you to benefit from the benefits of pomegranate quickly and simply by our very high quality organic pomegranate powder.

We always send every batch of samples to third parties including Eurofins, SGS, Alex Stewart, for pesticide residues, heavy metals, microbiology, aflatoxin, PAHS and SO2 testing.

They are free of chemical additives and do not contain GMOs, artificial flavors, heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides or fertilizers.


How to use our freeze-dried organic pomegranate powder?

  • Make 100% organic pomegranate juice: Just mix a tablespoon of pomegranate powder in a large glass of water. There is probably no more convenient way to use pomegranate powder than to consume it as a juice.

  • Easily create your own "smoothie bowl" at home (trendy mixed fruit / superfood breakfast) using both pomegranate powder and other superfoods.

  • Add powdered pomegranate to your tea for more color and nutrition.

  • Prepare a slightly sweet sauce or vinaigrette using this to add flavor to all your vegetables.

  • Prepare a fruit salad and add a generous amount of pomegranate powder.

  • Sprinkle your pancakes, desserts and puddings.


Consumption of pomegranate has no side effects.

Consuming pomegranate juice can lower your blood pressure. Drinking pomegranate juice may increase the risk of low blood pressure too low in those with a history of low blood pressure.

Surgery: Pomegranate can affect blood pressure. Stop taking the pomegranate at least 2 weeks before surgery.


100g of freeze-dried pomegranate powder from certified organic farming, high quality, 100% pure without any artificial additives.

The powder is free from animal substances, sugar and contains no flavors, colors or preservatives.


Storage: store in a cool, dry place - avoid light and heat.

Shelf life: 2 years

smoothie bowl ingredients* The information provided on this informative site does not in any way replace medical advice. Stop taking it immediately and consult your doctor if you notice any unusual pain. We invite you to seek advice from your doctor before their application