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Kelp or (kelp) is an algae known all over the world for its slimming properties. Also called fucus vesiculosus, it regulates large appetites.

Particularly effective for weight loss, kelp also promotes healthy thyroid glands, reduces the risk of many forms of cancer, and maintains bone health.

Kelp belongs to the class of brown algae (Phaeophyceae) and more specifically to the order Laminariales. There are probably about 30 varieties in the general classification of kelp.

Kelp grows in shallow underwater forests. It is often surrounded by a vegetal and abundant marine ecosystem. It is estimated that this algae appeared 23 million years ago. 

For its evolution, kelp needs nutrient-rich water between 6 and 14 degrees Celsius. It is known for its rapid growth rate. Indeed some varieties can grow more than 30 cm in 24 hours, up to 80 meters.

Considered by many to be a superfood due to its wide variety of nutrients, kelp has been a staple food in several Asian cultures and has been for centuries. 

In the 19th century, the word "kelp" was used interchangeably with burnt algae to create soda ash, also known as sodium bicarbonate. The most common use of this ash is as a water softener.

Kombu is another specific variety of kelp that is extremely common in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisine. 



One serving of raw kelp (approximately 28 grams) contains approximately:

  • 12 calories

  • 2,7 grams of carbohydrates

  • 0,5 gram of protein

  • 0,2 grams of fat

  • 0,4 gram of fiber

  • 18,5 micrograms of vitamin K

  • 50,4 micrograms of folate

  • 33,9 milligrams of magnesium

  • 47 milligrams of calcium

  • 0,8 milligrams of iron

  • 0,1 milligram of manganese



Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of Kelp (kelp):

kelp (kelp) improves the immune system;

Kelp (kelp) prevents and treats diabetes;

Kelp slows down the growth of some cancers. This is because several nutrients in kelp work in tandem to protect you from it. In addition, the presence of fucoxanthin has been shown to be effective against a number of types of prostate cancer;

Kelp (kelp) helps in weight loss;

Kelp (kelp) reduces high cholesterol levels;

Kelp (kelp) reduces bone loss. It is an excellent source of vitamin K. It is particularly good in preventing atherosclerosis;

Kelp (kelp) is a natural anti-inflammatory. Certain types of kelp have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties (and serve as antioxidants), which means they help reduce overall inflammation in your body;

Kelp (kelp) is effective against certain blood disorders thanks to a very powerful nutrient fucoidan. This nutrient has been shown to be effective in preventing blood clots that can lead to health problems like strokes and heart attacks.




Our kelp powder is safe when consumed in the right amount.

It is important not to fall into overconsumption of iodine. Although iodine has incredible health benefits, too much can lead to problems like hyperthyroidism and some thyroid cancers. If you are at risk, we recommend that you reduce your kelp intake to reasonable levels.

Patients with hypotension, bleeding disorders, or about to undergo surgery should be vigilant and should not hesitate to consult a physician before using kelp.

Finally, the safety of supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and people with medical conditions or who are taking medication has not been established.



How to use our kelp powder?

Mix 1 to 2 knife tips (around 200 mg) of powder in a salad, muesli or liquid of your choice such as soup, smoothie, etc ...

Health authorities have not yet issued an official dosage and dosage on kelp supplements. However, specialists agree on dosages of 100 to 250 mg per day for powdered products.




Kelp (kelp) from certified organic farming, high quality powder, 100% pure without any artificial additives.

The powder is free from animal substances, sugar and contains no flavors, colors or preservatives.



Storage: store in a cool, dry place - avoid light and heat

Shelf life: 2 years

Food supplements cannot replace a balanced and varied diet.

Kelp - Secrets of Eden




* The information provided on this informative site does not in any way replace medical advice. Stop taking it immediately and consult your doctor if you notice any unusual pain. We invite you to seek advice from your doctor before their application.